The Price of Admission
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There's no way around it. Endurance training involves discomfort. A LOT of discomfort. First there's the physical and mental strain of training. Let's face it. The kind of exercise that gets results doesn't exactly feel like a massage! There's a lot of gasping and sweating and burning and feeling like you want to stop. Then you need to change your eating habits. You can still eat foods that give you pleasure, but it might happen way less often. You get to go to bed early while everyone else is up having fun. On vacation, you get to train while your friends and family go to the beach. "Normal" people change one area of their lives at a time. You, however, have to break all the chains at once. So how do you make friends with discomfort so you can reach your goals? By realizing that discomfort is the price of admission to your dreams! On this week's podcast episode, I'll share some thoughts on getting comfortable with discomfort so it doesn't hold you back. Ready? Let's do this! Read Detailed Show Notes At: Mountain Fit Course: Facebook Group: Try Breathwork with Sarah: Support the show (
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Hey friends, just a little life update on some mistakes I was making and how I'm fixing them. Enjoy! Resources Mentioned: Join my email list for random life updates and bonus tips
Published 03/16/23
Published 03/15/23
I don't know about you, but anytime someone talks to me about "goal setting," my skin starts to crawl. Probably because I've done a million goal setting exercises that were a waste of time. And also because some of my best results were NOT produced by a three year plan or SMART goals. So how do...
Published 03/15/23