[CYM 1.0] #73 – Hydration Hacks to Double Your Endurance
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A whole podcast about hydration? That's not a very sexy topic, you might be thinking. What if I told you that proper hydration could boost your endurance by 50%? Imagine going twice as long and feeling strong without grueling workouts. Yes, it really gets to be that simple. But the funny thing is, pretty much every hiker I know is walking around semi-dehydrated. And that is not the fate I want for you! So this week on the podcast, we're talking about how to hydrate before, during, and after a hike. I'll also share the skinny on electrolytes and sports drinks. And you'll get my best tips on hydration system gear. When you put these simple tips into practice, you won't believe how good you feel out there. Ready? Let's do this! Read Detailed Show Notes At: https://missadventurepants.com/73 Try breathwork free! Download a FREE guided breathwork sesson to help you heal faster after a tough workout:https://bit.ly/3Cn99cB
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