Published 09/01/22
Another podcast down in the books and our last episode before our two-year anniversary! We enjoyed our previous in-person podcast and decided to do another one with a somewhat better set! With college coming back into session we talk about our experience so far and what've been doing!
Published 09/01/22
Off of a whim, we decided to do a podcast in-person with a scuffed setup. It may reward those who wanted to see a podcast last month. Due to a rough schedule, we couldn't do one in July. However, we have a lot to talk about and exciting new topics to dive into. Hope you enjoy it!
Published 08/03/22
With graduation passing and summertime growing near, the boys finally return with a podcast episode. Graduation was a blast and now we hit the sun! However, since we don't go out much, we can only talk about what we know best. Anime! 
Published 06/07/22
Graduation and the end of the school year are just around the corner. Finals and other obligations have taken priority and made this episode very last minute. Not having a concrete topic in mind, we bounce around ideas revolving around graduation and how we act. Anime is one of the major factors in our lives that has both changed and ruined our social lives. We read too much romance manga and watch too much romance anime.
Published 05/02/22
Looks like another anime-based episode for once! Today we discuss Jujutsu Kaisen and how we feel about the show. This isn't a rating for the show, just a discussion about it. On top of that, we share our feelings about Shaft's newest project: RWBY: Ice Queendom. The episode was intended for JJK, but ultimately it also became about RWBY. 
Published 04/05/22
After 18 months of having a podcast, we have finally all watched a single anime. Odd Taxi was an interesting show that we enjoyed. We wanted to take the time to talk about Odd Taxi and how we felt about the anime. Being an "anime" podcast and having watched it recently, this was the topic that we decided on. Maybe in the future, we will watch a show together and have an occasional podcast like this. Anyways if you haven't already go and watch some Odd Taxi.
Published 03/07/22
Last year, we had a podcast with Ryan. This year we decided to bring Ryan back for another February discussion! As the title suggests, the king is back! However, instead of talking about romance, we wanted to talk about Lunar New Year! Like always, we do pivot the podcast to anime, but hopefully, our party stories were enough to make you guys awake. 
Published 02/07/22
With 2021 gone and dusted, the New Year begins. The success of Brian's GUP analysis has made 2022 a great success so far. Even though the year has just started hype about the future is in the air. We discuss about GUP and our next steps. 
Published 01/10/22
As December rolls around and the holidays start to come in, the Ikigai boys are not feeling too hot. With finals around the corner and the anticipations with up-and-coming projects, the boys are feeling the pressure. That's how life be sometimes, but we keep moving forward.
Published 12/06/21
Even though it is November, Let's give some love to Halloween this year-round. Today we brought in Ryan! This is different from the one in February and to be honest, maybe the pure opposite of each other! Let's see what this Ocean man has for us.
Published 11/01/21
After discovering that one of Kevin's classmates read a Murakami. The boys decided to talk about the little details in eastern media and their take on why they enjoy it. In turn, they discuss what makes people like different things.
Published 10/04/21
We claim to be a podcast about anime and films, yet we haven't discussed that in a while. We thought it was about time we went back and talked about anime and how we feel about the medium in general. Instead of going on about the future, why not talk about the now!
Published 09/06/21
The anniversary month of Ikigai Studio is here! We discussed about our plans for the future and the projects that we want to create. Along with that, we talk about our feelings towards the anniversary by talking about our how we find passion in this animation and the production behind it.
Published 08/02/21
As our summer away from school begins, we start our journey off in Florida. This is the first in-person podcast episode where we share our weird accounts and experiences on vacation. We also discuss our home and what it feels to be Vietnamese. 
Published 07/05/21
An Tran is finally graduating from high school! As such, our Ikigai co-founder and friend will not be joining us for today's podcast, as he is taking the time to enjoy the end of his high school days! Thus, what will the chuckle brothers talk about in today's podcast without their boy? 
Published 05/31/21
It's bad guys. This was so bad. I know we bounce a lot when talking in these podcasts, but this was something else. Not only that, but we all said some weird stuff that I don't even know if it is okay. This is the worst podcast out there. Someone, please save us!
Published 05/03/21
Without a topic in our heads and an unexpected day to record this podcast, we are left speechless. We usually wing our podcast, but this was more of a challenge than previous episodes. With that in mind, we jumped to many topics which led us to go from...
Published 04/05/21
Back to just the three Asian boys! This time on our wacky podcast, we discuss some childhood memories. What brought this up is the announcement of the new Pokemon remake! It made up a lot of our childhoods and we can't wait to see it be released!
Published 03/02/21
This month has the air filled with love, but your boys don't have any. We thought, why not bring a guest over who does have love though! So, we brought in our friend Ryan to share his thoughts and feelings!
Published 02/01/21
2020 is over and we are now in 2021! What are our resolutions for this year and our path to the future? Who knows what this year will bring, but we do have our future in sight. We are making strides to grow our community and hopefully make 2021 our year!
Published 01/04/21
December is here and here comes the Holiday cheer! We talk about December and our families' traditions that we do during Christmas! Encounter the warmth of December and how we are feeling during this month.
Published 12/07/20
We dive deeper into what we love and how our adventure started. We talk about how we got here and where and why we want to be here. Our future is nowhere close, but our passion and the vision of the future is keeping us together until the end.
Published 11/09/20
The Offical Ikigai Studio's Podcast. Just 3 Asian boys talking about Rent-A-Girlfriend, Japan, positivity and toxicity, and the welcoming of your new God trio! 
Published 10/07/20