Open for Business 4: A marketing Head's Journey to Starting a Jewellery Store
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In this episode, how handmade jewellery caught Neelam’s attention and she quit her job as a marketing head at a reputed firm to start a jewellery store, Athizay. Athizay means a Piece of art, made by hand. Neelam Yadav dreamt of selling handmade Indian art like Jewellery, Statues, fashion accessories, and handbags to customers across India and the world. But there’s a twist to the story. Post-lockdown Neelam had to shut down her offline store yet, the brand Athizay continues to thrive. Neelam says what saved the brand is enabling her brand online. It has allowed her to make the revenue of 40 Lacs in 2020 while the world was under lockdown. We’ll hear from Neelam on how to thrive amidst challenges as a small business owner.  About Open For Business Series: In this five-part series, I bring you stories of some of the homegrown small and medium businesses. These stories are representative of the countless SMBs in the country that plays a key role in the overall economic growth of India. By celebrating these businesses, I hope to inspire you to start and scale your business.  In each episode, you’ll hear the stories of building businesses, strategies, and innovations that are helping these brands to grow their revenue and impact the lives of people associated with them. 
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