Tia-Clair Toomey is the fittest woman on earth – a distinction she has earned not once, but four times (in a row) at the CrossFit Games. Her active upbringing as a multi-sport athlete, and her constant support from both her parents and coach (now husband) Shane Orr, taught her that the only limitations she faces are the ones she puts on herself.
Published 01/19/21
In this premiere episode of The Keep Going Podcast, we're joined by TB12 Co-Founder Alex Guerrero! Alex and John discuss the origins of TB12, Alex's background, how to get started with the TB12 lifestyle, the power of discipline and positive habits, and a whole lot more. Let's go!
Published 01/12/21
In this trailer episode of the Keep Going Podcast, our host and TB12 CEO John Burns introduces new listeners to our first guest: TB12 Co-Founder Alex Guerrero! While millions across the world watch Tom Brady excel on the field every Sunday, his TB12 Co-Founder and best friend has remained behind-the-scenes – that is, until now. The Keep Going Podcast will connect you with like-minded individuals who are passionate about achieving longevity and leading a pain-free, active and healthy lifestyle.
Published 01/06/21