Static Stretching for Pain Relief?
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This “NASM-CPT Podcast” digs deep into the data to determine if static stretching can alleviate pain. Host, and NASM Master Instructor, Rick Richey explores several studies around the topic, including how consistent static stretching over the course of a month can decrease neck, and shoulder pain, as well improve neck function. Plus, a few of Rick’s useful tidbits to help further your personal training knowledge base. Did you hear? The most trusted name in fitness is now the most trusted name in sports performance nutrition. Become an NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Coach and optimize performance and recovery.
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Last week’s episode focused on the foot and ankle; this one is all about the knee. NASM Master Instructor, and host, Rick Richey, details how, through the corrective exercise model, the benefits of “smart warmups,” what may cause the knees to knock, how to correct movement compensation, and...
Published 05/30/23
Building, sustaining, and growing your business is essential for all personal trainers. On this episode of the “NASM-CPT Podcast,” host, and NASM Master Instructor, Rick Richey, is joined by featured guest, NPE Fitness Founder and CEO, Sean Greeley. They will explore key elements and concepts to...
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