Strength testing for Runners
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Brodie continues to review the book titled 'The science and practice of middle and long distance running' with chapter seven called movement screening and physical capacity assessments (Chapter contributors: Louis Howe and Paul Read).
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On today's episode Brodie dissects the Run Smarter Quiz results and ponders on a few questions. We do a deep dive into running technique such as: Are you more likely to get injured if you have knocked knees? Will strengthening will help correct poor running form like hip drop & collapsing...
Published 07/29/21
As we learnt from our discussion in Part 1 (Episode #133), epigenetics can interact with your DNA and genes in order to activate & deactivate your blueprint. Even though your DNA is hardwired, the cell's characteristics & function can change based around your epigenetics. In part 2 we...
Published 07/25/21
We dive into all things Peroneal Tendon pain which is found on the outside of the ankle. Brodie has sifted through the available literature to bring you a comprehensive analysis and best current advice. First, Brodie dives into the anatomy and potential causes for this particular injury. Once...
Published 07/22/21