Catastrophizing & Kinesiophobia hindering your recovery
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Today's episode is for you to self-reflect on your past thoughts, beliefs, fears & anxieties when injured and how it can hinder your recovery.  We discuss the components of: Catastrophizing- 'To view or present a situation as considerably worse than it actually is'. Kinesiophobia- 'An excessive, irrational, and debilitating fear of physical movement and activity'. Brodie discusses 3 recent papers on this topic to bring more awareness to the situation: Paper 1: Changes in catastrophizing and kinesiophobia are predictive of changes in disability and pain after treatment in patients with anterior knee pain. Paper 2: Pain and disability in women with patellofemoral pain relate to kinesiophobia, but not to patellofemoral joint loading variables. Paper 3: Adding mindfulness practice to exercise therapy for femalerecreational runners with patellofemoral pain: A randomized controlled trial. Become a patron! Receive Run Smarter Emails Book a FREE Injury chat with Brodie Run Smarter App IOS or Android  Podcast Facebook group Run Smarter Course with code 'PODCAST' for 3-day free trial.
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