Having more confidence with Julia Vogl
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Facing fears and challenges is something that takes all of us outside of our comfort zone. Julia Vogl is no stranger to this - after being bullied at school, she didn’t think she had what it took to become an actress. But, being curious by nature, Julia was led down an unexpected path and she went on to becoming a celebrity interviewer, and she now teaching others how to do the same. She’s here to help us learn how to be more confident and show up, be it on camera or at the doctors office. In this episode Julia shares; How we must learn to listen better How to get creative with the types of questions we ask Why your energy is infectious and how it rubs off on others Connecting with ourselves before we can connect with others What were some of her stand out interviews Why we must all become a story teller How it is so important to meet yourself where you are at and get out of our own way And so much more! Connect with Julia - @juliavogl_ or her website www.juliavogl.com.au  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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