The One Technique You Need For Insomnia with Nat Kringoudis
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Insomnia can be frustrating, overwhelming and extremely stressful. But rather than resist it, what if it was your body’s way of trying to tell you something? In this episode Nat shares her favourite technique to help her patients who suffer from insomnia as well as reasons why you might experience times where sleep doesn’t come easily. Something that you can try on today and see if it helps you! Nat talks more about: Different types of insomnia (difficulty to fall asleep versus waking or frequent waking) Why you may be experiencing insomnia and why this is important to explore since the reason why you’re waking may be actually what needs to be addressed, not the symptom of waking Tips to fall to sleep more easily What different wake times mean and how we can look at the Chinese Medicine Body Clock to consider what else may be at play with regards to your insomnia Why you need to become more curious about your waking rather than resist it Nat’s #1 tip to help you get back to sleep Why sleep is so important for overall health Connect with Nat via her instagram here. See for privacy information.
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