Raising Girls Who Like Themselves with Dr Chris Scanlon and Kasey Edwards
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Falling pregnant with their first child, Dr Chris and Kasey quickly realised that they wanted to do something to change the state of self belief and low esteem that many girls experience, especially after Kasey's own personal experience growing up. In this episode Cecelia and Nat chat with the duo to understand more of their own experience raising girls and how we can have the right tools to change the future landscape. Specifically in this episode you'll learn; + Why micro movements to contribute to overall self belief + How from around 10 years of age girls are already trained with their mindset + How to answer our kids questions better with the facts + The 'fat chat.' How women bond over talking about their weight and why. And what we can do to be aware and change this. + Strategies like how to allow girls to make their own decisions. "If it's not permanent or harmful, 'she' gets to decide." + Consent for young women And more. You can also find more in Dr Chris and Kasey's book - Raising Girls Who Like Themselves. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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