Turning away from pills and procedures with Dr Bulsiewicz MD
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Becoming a Gastroenterologist wasn't enough to address Dr B's health issues. After years of suffering from anxiety, being overweight and feeling unwell, he eventually found his way to a turning point with some very basic changes which changed his life. In this episode you'll learn what the changes were and how you can turn your life around too. Specifically this episode discusses; Why humility is important in science and medicine Why pill snap procedures became a turning point for Dr B Why habits are had to break How Dr B turned to the gym and it wasn't the answer at all - in fact it made it more problematic What gut microbes need to thrive and why they are the key to better health Why fibre is the secret and how 95% of us do not get enough and other simple solutions to take your health to new levels. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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