Trail Tips: Running & Relationships
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Everything relationships! We chat partners, husbands, wives, friends, running friends, racing friends, and more. What to do if it's a new relationship and they don't how obsessed you are yet, how to handle a negative attitude, what and how to plan racing with a friend, and literally anything and everything relationships and running. You're going to LOVE THIS EPISODE!!
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Myke raced both road and trail as a young adult, running everything from a sub 3 hour marathon to an insanely fast 50mile. We chat about his struggle with anxiety as the stress of running started to build up, and how he found a way to stay involved in the trail running community. He's now the...
Published 09/02/21
Lindsay Cristante is a runner, elementary school teacher and mom of two boys in beautiful Victoria BC. On June 5 she ran her first 100k with a goal of fundraising $100,000 for a former student with Muscular Dystrophy. Donate for Quinn here:
Published 08/19/21