This week Sam and Emily catch up in the den and share all the things that have been happening over the past month. THE TRIBE IS OPEN! You can now join our membership which gives you access to hours and hours of Pilates and Yoga videos, meditations, recipes (vegan and non vegan) and join us in our very special monthly wellness tasks. All for £9.99 a month. After attending a workshop by Joe Dispensa Sam shares her biggest takeaways from the event. This brings us to a discussion about positive...
Published 05/06/19
Sam sits down with one of her favourite yoga teachers, Lisa Shaw, to delve into Lisa’s life journey. Lisa chats honestly about her battles with mental health, she shares her life story and delves into the things that she found comfort in during her harder days. Lisa is currently creating a new yoga studio in Edinburgh with her business partner, but it is so much more than a yoga studio, it is a Movement. She believes this is the culmination of her life’s experiences to build a community...
Published 04/29/19
This week we are joined with the incredible ray of sunshine Sarah Little. Sarah’s journey really began around 3 years ago and she has been on a mission ever since to really understand what self love means to her and it has completely changed the way that she lives and how she feels. We chat all about Self Love and although it has become a bit of a buzz word on social media we share what it really means and how it is personal to everyone. We also talk about body positivity and some of the...
Published 04/22/19
This week we are joined with a wonderful human being who also happens to be Emilys big sister! Kate is a wife, a mum of 2 girls, 2 dogs and is currently training for an ultimate challenge; The Cotswold Way! The Cotswold Way is a 100km walk which Kate and a few colleagues from her work (First Choice Conference and Events based in Cheltenham) are undertaking all in the name of charity. The challenge will see them walk without stopping for 100km along the Cotswold Way; starting in Bath on...
Published 04/15/19
This week Emily is joined by the incredible Sarah Ordo! Sarah is a self-published author, entrepreneur, makeup artist, mindset & life coach, podcast host, and YouTuber! She is also a huge advocate for sobriety and empowering other women in their own journey with alcohol. We chat about the experience that left her knowing that she needed to stop drinking and how her life has changed in the last 4 years since being sober. We also talk about her book Sober As F**k and the many other books...
Published 04/08/19
This week we are chatting to the incredible Sophie Grace Holmes. Sophie is a Personal Trainer, Public Speaker, Extreme Athlete & Adventurer and generally bloody amazing!! We chat about the many challenges that Sophie has faced in her life and with her health and how her positivity and her determination has enabled her to literally overcome mountains. We also talk about love, relationships and life including getting very excited about puppies! Sam convinces Emily to FINALLY sign up for a...
Published 04/01/19
Join us for another instalment of The Happy News! This week we are back with more useless news stories that will give you absolutely no beneficial knowledge at all other than to make you smile...and possibly help with a general knowledge portion of a pub quiz! This week we feature Jason Mamoa, Richard Hammond, the ultimate girl boss, a great adventure, an OCD mouse who Emily believes may be some distant relative of her husband and more smut than you can shake a stick at. Don't forget to send...
Published 03/25/19
This week Emily is chatting to Abigail Chandler; a Life Coach Specialising in Empowering Others to Live Their Truth. Abi loves Yoga, rock climbing, music and dancing, living a healthy holistic life with lots of cake in it!! We talk about what living your truth actually means away from all the buzz words and fluff. We also chat about how Abi went from being a Jehovah's Witness and wife to feeling free and empowered and able to inspire and support others through her business. We chat about...
Published 03/18/19
This year marks Michael’s 11th year of being sober and in our chat we talk about his life. I absolutely loved chatting to Michael and I think that his strength and courage throughout his life. The incredible way that he is open and talks about mental health and addiction is something that everyone needs to hear and there needs to be more men like him around and on social media. I know that no matter who you are, where you are from or what you are going through you can take something...
Published 03/11/19
We’re back in the den with Dr Joshua Wolrich this week to continue our conversation about all things health, food relationship and SClub Juniors! Dr Joshua Wolrich has had a bit of a journey on social media. Working as a surgical trainee in London, he originally started his Instagram account as a weight loss account by the name @unfattening. Over the past few years he has become acutely aware of the problematic nature of indiscriminately encouraging weight loss. After a rebrand to...
Published 03/04/19
This week we are chatting to the incredible Dr Joshua Wolrich and honestly? We could probably have talked to him all day. Dr Joshua Wolrich has had a bit of a journey on social media. Working as a surgical trainee in London, he originally started his Instagram account as a weight loss account by the name @unfattening. Over the past few years he has become acutely aware of the problematic nature of indiscriminately encouraging weight loss. After a rebrand to @drjoshuawolrich, he focuses on...
Published 02/25/19
This week Emily chats to the wonderful Freja Budd. Freja recently appeared on the reboot of the popular TV programme ‘Shipwrecked’ and we chat a little bit about her experience as well as some amazing projects that she is working on. Freja has her own charity called 'Freja's food run' - where she feeds the homeless.charity 'Freja's food run' - where she feeds the homeless in her local area. She also started a bucket list blog called the radical diaries which is well worth a read.
Published 02/17/19
This week we are talking to the wonderful Reese Evans from YES SUPPLY. Reese Evans is a Master Life and Success Coach, Speaker, and founder of the coaching and empowerment platform YES SUPPLY.
Published 02/11/19
This week we’re bringing you a new segment; Happy News! Tired of all the negative media surrounding us we’re bringing you some good news stories. From the weird to the wonderful, we’ve handpicked some news stories to make you smile. We also share exactly how Emily made a right boob of herself in our recent photoshoot! If you have a happy news story that you want featured on our next Happy News episode send us a message on Instagram @the.tribe.life
Published 01/28/19
Sam and Emily are back in the dens for the first time in 2019! We're going to run you through 5 of the easiest ways that you can transform 2019 into a happy one. We're covering; Ditching Diets, Connection, Getting Out in Nature, Stop Giving Time to S**t You Hate and Finding Things That Makes Your Soul Sing! Don't forget to leave a 5 star review, tag us in your photos on IG @the.tribe.life and share the podcast with your friends & family!
Published 01/21/19
This week we are chatting to the incredible Kelly Terranova, founder of The Bees Knees. Kelly is a shining light, a self pronounced ‘Del Boy’, owner of Anneli Dance School, Huntingtons Disease ambassador and creator of The Bees Knees journal and lifestyle brand. In this weeks podcast we talk to Kelly about how The Bees Knees came about and the way that the brand has developed over the past 2 years. How motherhood has changed her life and made her realise that she also needs to take a step...
Published 12/10/18
We are BACK! and it's CHRISTMAS! Sam and Emily are back in the Den to catch up after Sam's Yoga Teacher Training! Sam has officially finished her Yoga Teacher Training and is now our new Tribe Yoga Teacher! We chat all about her month of new experiences, falling even more in love with yoga and crying (a lot!) We have a new segment to bring to TRIBE TALK - "I'M SO OVER!" Feel free to play along with us by DM'ing us at @the.tribe.life Don't forget to give us those 5 star reviews for Christmas!
Published 12/03/18
This week Sam is joined by Noleen Sliney who is a Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger. Join the girls with cuppa and find out about natural green beauty, how Noleen got into her career and how we can all reduce our chemical use.
Published 11/26/18
Lisa Burke is the author of Reclaiming the Wounded Soul and is also a spiritual teacher, certified in Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga and meditation. She has developed her wisdom for wellness and personal transformation through 20 years of individual and professional growth. She guides others through her programs in her yoga studio ‘Danu Yoga Centre’ in Dublin.She has also created Yoga Soul Academy which is an online resource to support your journey to health and vitality through transforming...
Published 11/19/18
We talk all about what Reiki actually is as well as the low down on manifestation. One of our favourite games Health hacks or just crap is back!! Let us know how you do!
Published 11/12/18
This week we are chatting to the ray of sunshine that is Samantha Hearne from A Happy Mind. Sam is an award winning anxiety and business coach for women & bestselling author of the book “Let’s Kick Anxiety’s Butt”.  Sam coaches women to overcome anxiety and feel the way they deserve, as well as business coaching and teaching her clients how to start playing big - without anxiety holding them back.  This week we discuss how anxiety has affected each of us in our lives and the top tips...
Published 11/05/18
This week were back in our homemade dens for a catch up! Emily shares her day where everything went wrong! Sam is back from her travels around America with some great stories and super travel tips. We both also discuss the worlds plastic problem and share our thoughts on the recent Guardian article which says we have 12 years to limit climate change.
Published 10/29/18
This week we are speaking to the wonderful Jen Jones Miller who is giving us the low down on all things intuitive. Find out what living intuitively is all about in this episode of Tribe Talk and you can catch up with Jen on Instagram: @jjmintuitiveeatandexercise and Facebook @jjmintuitiveeatingandexercise
Published 10/22/18
This week we have the wonderful Barbie Holmes as a guest on Tribe Talk. Barbie left her 30 year teaching career to pursue her dream to be a model at the age of 57. We talk about self-love, distancing from negative people and how it is never too late to go after what you want! Not only is Barbie such a wonderful human being she also left us both feeling super positive and inspired and we know that you will too! Find Barbie on Instagram @barbieholmes
Published 10/15/18
This week we are talking to the incredible Suzy Ashworth; a birthing and business coach who dances through life and believes that faith + action = miracles! We talk about how she became a published author with Hay House, celebrating your weirdness and finding those ride or dies. Find Suzy on instagram @suzy_ashworth and join in with her free challenge at www.suzyashworth.com/free-challenge
Published 10/08/18