Bonus: Outside the White Box Episode 5
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As coaches, we know that our thoughts create our results, right? But in order to coach our clients effectively on their thoughts, we have to understand the CONTEXT from which these thoughts emerged. Someone whose cultural history involves persecution and multigenerational trauma may not resonate with the coaching that “everything will happen as it’s meant to,” just as someone who has learned explicitly and implicitly that their sexuality is wrong or bad won’t respond to coaching that does not take this history into account. In this episode, you will learn how approaching your clients with radical curiosity and learning to spot how their thoughts have been shaped by their cultural context will enable you to coach clients with lived experiences that differ from your own. In this special episode, guest coaches Rachel Hart and Dr. Sonia Wright join Kara Loewentheil for a conversation about why understanding your clients’ context is so important, and how committing to curiosity and nonjudgment will help you navigate your own blind spots as a coach.   Get full show notes and more information here:
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