This Summer I made a pilgrimage to Liverpool and recorded my observations while I was there. I visited a number of Beatles related historical sites as well as some of the city’s unique buildings and monuments. This is an audio travelogue of my trip.
Published 11/04/22
The finale of season 4. In the absence of any new material John runs through some old favourites, has a quick rehearsal of Don’t Let Me Down and plays the acetate of unreleased Across the Universe. We explore telepathy and nonsense 40’s hip speak in this one. www.buymeacoffee.com/wodpod
Published 08/04/22
January 7th 1969. It’s John’s turn to lead rehearsals but his indecisiveness quickly drains the energy out of the session.
Published 07/21/22
January 7th 1969. After a break for lunch the Beatles return to rehearsing Maxwell’s Silver Hammer with more enthusiasm than they’ve shown the rest of the day. www.buymeacoffee.com/Wodpod
Published 07/07/22
Jan 7th 1969: After a lengthy discussion with the production crew, where the future of the project and the band were discussed, The Beatles decide to rehearse a little more before breaking for lunch. www.buymeacoffee.com/wodpod
Published 06/23/22
January 7th 1969 - Part 2 of our two parter following a lengthy discussion between the group and the crew. This is the lowest point of the project so far with Paul and George openly discuss the break up of the Beatles. But we also learn about George’s interest in existentialism from his days in Hamburg. Link: www.buymeacoffee.com/wodpod
Published 06/09/22
January 7th 1969. John eventually arrives. Paul channels his muse and creates a number one single out of thin air. The band and some of the crew then have a discussion about the show - this is part one of a two parter on this, their lowest ebb so far in the project. It’s a long one and it needs some concentration but we’ll analyse everything at the end. Link: www.buymeacoffee.com/wodpod
Published 05/26/22
It’s the morning of January 7th 1969. Paul, George and Ringo arrive and as they wait for John, Paul plays through some ideas on piano. We also learn about John and Yoko’s favourite restaurant. Link: www.buymeacoffee.com/wodpod
Published 05/12/22
The conclusion of rehearsals on Jan. 6th 1969. It all ends on an upbeat note, Paul offers a new song to rehearse and this last hour is the most enjoyable of the day.
Published 03/11/22
January 6th 1969. We’re nearly at the end of today’s rehearsals. Following a tortuous rehearsal of Don’t Let Me Down and Two of Us, The Beatles begin work on George’s All Things Must Pass. But George has another song he’d rather do.
Published 02/25/22
The one with the argument. Paul steers the band through rehearsals of Two of Us having already tried everyone’s patience. Tensions that were stirring during afternoon finally rise to the surface. This is the full unedited discussion which doesn’t appear in this way in any of the documentaries.
Published 02/11/22
Part 2 of our two-parter chronicling the evolution of the arrangement for Don’t Let Me Down. Aware of the lack of time to get ready for the live show tensions rise. But in the end… whether they know it or not, a classic emerges.
Published 01/28/22
Don’t Let Me Down Pt.1 - The Beatles finally settle down to some serious work arranging John’s song. Progress is made but it’s a long laborious process, but we do get introduced to a pioneer of percussion.
Published 01/14/22
The Beatles reconvene after lunch and a location scouting trip. A lengthy discussion with Yoko to the fore follows. Then the Beatles pick up instruments and still don’t get any work done
Published 12/31/21
Merry Christmas- here is a brief recap of the year plus an extra special feature. Just for you.
Published 12/25/21
January 6th and the run up to lunch. But first The Beatles have some fun jamming and playing with some new gadgets.
Published 12/17/21
January 6th 1969 - The Beatles pick up instruments and make some noise, not all of it productive. Ringo debuts a new song, Paul also has a new idea to present and John resurrects can old one.
Published 12/03/21
January 6th 1969 - Paul and Ringo are eventually joined by John, Yoko and finally George. The main topic of conversation is last nights Cream show. The recording equipment arrives and we learn about a certain Greek electronics guru.
Published 11/19/21
Back for Season 3. It’s now January 6th 1969, Paul is the first to arrive. Michael, Glyn and possibly Tony share their opinions on a number of artists and discuss the Cream documentary aired the night before.
Published 11/05/21
The finale of season two. It’s tea-time January 3rd 1969 and The Beatles set about learning one more new song before finishing for the day. Paul switches to piano, George picks up a bass and Michael tries to spell out his concerns.
Published 09/23/21
Jan. 3rd 1969. Work continues on All Things Must Pass. It’s early evening so a glass or two is raised. And a conversation about jazz leads George to start talking about the great organist in Ray Charles’ Band who’ll soon become a major part of this project.
Published 09/09/21
More work on All Things Must Pass, George settles on a guitar, John has a go at the drums, Paul finally gets involved and the Raelettes make an appearance.
Published 08/26/21
It’s late afternoon, January 3rd 1969. George is teaching the band ‘All Things Must Pass’ but he’s in for a shock! Paul also has his patience tested by Glyn Johns.
Published 08/12/21
It’s still January 3rd 1969. The Beatles work on Two of Us before lunch, adding ideas that they’d later use in another song instead. They return from lunch a little merrier, and procrastinate some more before George offers to teach them one of his songs.
Published 07/29/21