Winter of Discontent - Ep.11 A Beatles Podcast
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It’s still the morning of Jan.3 1969. George has arrived and while we wait for John the 3 Beatles amuse themselves with a copy of Beatles Monthly
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It’s still January 3rd 1969. The Beatles work on Two of Us before lunch, adding ideas that they’d later use in another song instead. They return from lunch a little merrier, and procrastinate some more before George offers to teach them one of his songs.
Published 07/29/21
Still Jan. 3rd 1968. The Beatles take a trip down memory lane, showcasing many unpublished originals; one of which is only ever performed here. George leads them astray with covers before trying to steer them back on track.
Published 07/15/21
It’s around midday on Jan. 3rd 1969 and The Beatles are relaxed and enjoying playing together. Now they’re finally getting down to some serious rehearsal.
Published 07/01/21