The Confidence Coach - body image
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Cass is taking a break from regular Crappy to Happy episodes for the next six weeks while she relocates to London. In the meantime, we wanted to share with you her other podcast and labour of love, the Confidence Coach with Cass Dunn. Each week you’ll hear from a real person struggling with their self-confidence. Cass will talk you through the problem using a psychological framework, and share tips and tricks that will help anyone dealing with a similar situation. In this episode you’ll hear from Kat, who want to feel more confident in her body. If you’ve got a confidence issue you’d like help with, send a voice message on Instagram @cassdunn_xo or email it to [email protected] If you struggle with self-confidence or you know that your imposter syndrome is holding you back, then check out Cass’s brand new online course and coaching program Beyond Confident at See for privacy information.
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