In this episode, we cover our top 10 takeaways from BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits book and apply the concepts to weight loss. We cover the B=MAP formula, anchor moments, finding the right motivation, and celebrating small wins!
Published 09/21/23
Published 09/21/23
Sometimes we just need to be reminded that there are opportunities to be healthy and fit all day every day. In today's episode we give you 30 ideas for fitting more physical activity in your day!
Published 09/07/23
In Episode 129 of the Cut The Fat Podcast, titled "10 Mindset Hacks For Better, Faster, Easier Weight Loss," we explore various strategies and techniques to make your weight loss journey more successful and enjoyable using that powerhouse you wear on your shoulders. During this episode, we go into detail about the importance of aligning your health and wellness goals with your personal lifestyle. They offer practical suggestions and tips. These tips will help you integrate fitness into your...
Published 07/06/23
In today's episode we'll tall about one shift in lifestyle that can help you lose your next 5 pounds with very little effort!
Published 04/13/23
In this episode, Blythe and Ray discuss insulin's role in fat storage and how you can use it in your weight loss efforts. Insulin clearly plays a role in fat storage and is clearly impacted by your diet and exercise habits. This episode places insulin in its place and describes strategies for optimizing insulin.
Published 12/18/22
In today's episode, we'll discuss the first tip we tell our weight loss clients the moment they decide to commit to getting fit. This could be the most important episode for anyone just starting out!
Published 11/05/22
I'll admit, we've been tough on cardio for fat loss, in today's episode, we'll give you 10 science-backed points that may re-write our stance on cardio!
Published 05/20/22
In today's episode, we share with you the same framework that we teach our personal clients to help them break their fat loss journey into smaller milestones. With each stage of the four-stage Sweatpants to Swimsuit framework, the strategies you need to implement change! We'll explain how to use the model to overhaul your fat loss program.
Published 04/29/22
In a previous episode we introduced you to fasting as a fat loss strategy. In today's episode, we'll cover 6 different fasting approaches from the easiest to the most advanced.
Published 09/29/21
We get lots of questions at Cut the Fat Podcast, these 7 questions are very common and so in today's episode we'll answer them!
Published 06/16/21
Is there really a curse of the over 40 metabolism? In today's podcast, we discuss what happens after 40 and how to improve your weight loss result after the age of 40.
Published 06/09/21
So you're eating well and exercising regularly and want to get better or more consistent results. Enter the 10 Commonly Overlooked Fat Loss Magnifiers. Today's episode will open your eyes to many other ways to enhance your weight loss program.
Published 03/26/21
Did you know that not every fat loss strategy is about diet and exercise? In today's podcast, we'll talk about 10 things you can do to magnify your current fat loss lifestyle.
Published 03/26/21
In this episode, we'll discuss how to activate the metabolic afterburn, called EPOC, after your workouts for a 24-48 hour boost in metabolism. This topic is so important because metabolic efficiency is a cause of weight regain and it's important to activate EPOC in order to keep the metabolism humming during your weight loss and fitness program.
Published 12/30/20
In this episode we'll break down whether walking is an effective form of activity for burning fat or is it better to do a more aggressive form of exercise. In addition, we'll talk about a concept called The Magic Amish Number.
Published 12/03/20
Many people are talking about "pandemic pounds" and the Quarantine Fifteen. In today's podcast Blythe and Ray give their 5 step approach to losing weight during challenging times.
Published 09/02/20
In this episode you'll learn 15 power tips to not just get through the weekends but to absolutely rock your weekends and arrive to Monday feeling healthy, fit, energetic, rested and ready for the week. Many people who are dieting or trying to lose weight wake up Monday morning feeling like they let themselves down. Starting today, that is going to change.
Published 06/11/20
She who does not measure, does not want to be held accountable. It is VERY difficult to succeed with weight loss without a solid plan for measuring your progress. That being said, the scale is simply not enough! You must open up the toolbox and find other tools that you can use to evaluate progress beyond your weight. In this episode we'll discuss how to build a measurement strategy that increases your likelihood of success.
Published 02/14/20
Weight loss detoxes are extremely popular, unfortunately most weight loss "detox" approaches are both ineffective and damaging to your weight loss mindset. Today we discuss the three Cut the Fat Podcast Approved approaches to weight loss detoxing!  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cut-the-fat-podcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cut-the-fat-podcast/support
Published 12/21/19
During this episode we'll discuss the difference between ambition and commitment as it pertains to health and lifestyle then we cover questions we commonly get from listeners.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cut-the-fat-podcast/message
Published 10/03/19
Do you feel like you're living a super healthy life but not losing weight and it's leaving your confused and frustrated? In today's episode we'll cover many of the most common explanations for not losing weight despite a healthy diet and exercise plan!  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ray-hinish/message
Published 08/21/19
During this episode Blythe and Ray will cover 6 core benefits of intermittent fasting as it pertains to losing weight. As an added bonus, they cover some common mistakes people make when trying to fast for weight loss.
Published 06/14/19
In the episode Blythe and Ray introduce you to your 4 inner voices that work against your healthy lifestyle and prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals. Then once you know what you’re dealing with we cover the antidote to your inner voices.
Published 05/03/19
In this episode Blythe and Ray break down the 5 female fat loss workout plan upgrades you can make to your fat loss program! It’s an eye opener if you’ve been struggling to lose weight despite doing a lot of cardio!
Published 04/12/19