Blythe and Ray NERD OUT in this episode where we cover the science behind burning fat in women versus men. During this episode they also cover the difference between the metabolism of women before menopause versus after menopause.
Published 04/04/19
In this episode we answer questions sent to us from listeners about how to get through obstacles, how to work out for fat loss, and we spend time covering how to get in alignment with our desire to lose weight by assuring our integrity is lined up with our intention!
Published 03/25/19
Losing weight and getting fit follows a natural process of change. In this episode, we will discuss the 6 stages of change for weight loss or anything else in life. In order to make change permanent, it’s important that we fully experience all 6 stages without trying to shortcut the process!
Published 03/13/19
In this episode we’ll cover 9 things that you may not know about losing weight. In our weight loss podcast, we like to focus on the brain and the body because many times the issue is with mindset and thinking, so in today’s episode we cover both.
Published 02/13/19
In this episode we discuss tips and strategies for fighting the environment that seems focused on keeping us fat. We go through 10 golden-nuggets of weight loss wisdom for battling the bulge!
Published 01/30/19
We believe that you should choose your diet as carefully as you choose your spouse. In today’s podcast, we explore the similarities between choosing a mate and choosing your lifestyle/diet.
Published 01/16/19
You've heard about the Mediterranean diet to stay healthy and fit, but did you know that Japan also has a lower rate of obesity? In this episode we talk about what about these two cultures makes for healthy bodies!
Published 01/09/19
What should you do when you fail to stick to your weight loss program? Should you start all over with a clean slate or simply tweak the program and try again. That's the topic of today's show.
Published 01/03/19
Get some mindset hacks for improving weight loss success and consistency!
Published 10/01/18
During this episode we'll go through some of the questions that we received on Facebook and then get into some simple ways to sneak more water into your life!
Published 09/18/18
During this episode we cover common ways that marketers trick you into eating junk by making them sound healthy.
Published 06/22/18
In this episode we’ll be speaking to the listeners who are nearing 40 or over 40. These seven tips and strategies will help the over 40 metabolism to start burning fat and losing the excess weight!
Published 06/08/18
Today's episode is dedicated to answering weight loss questions from listeners and Facebook friends!
Published 06/05/18
During this episode we’ll cover the 10 commandments of losing weight permanently. This episode will provide additional advice for those with resistant metabolisms.
Published 04/28/18
During this podcast we'll cover the question that we get almost every day, "What is the best diet?" As you can imagine, the answer isn't as simple as giving you a cookie-cutter recipe for weight loss. So, we'll talk about some common diets and how to use the good and toss the bad to build a diet that is right for you! 
Published 03/14/18
Are you looking for the latest diet or exercise equipment to shift your lifestyle and lose the weight? What if I told you that without some major shifts in mindset, the best diet or exercise program can't help you. That is the truth! In today's podcast we'll talk about eight essential mindset shifts to improve followthrough and success with whatever diet you choose or whatever exercise program you follow!
Published 02/08/18
Weight loss obstacles are EVERYWHERE, in today's podcast we'll cover and remedy ten of the most common roadblocks to your weight loss success.
Published 01/14/18
Setting goals with weight loss can be tricky, get it right and you increase your chances of success. Today we teach you how to set goals that work for health and fitness! You may have heard of SMART goals, but did you know that this model doesn't work for weight loss! We teach you how to set goals that will become your asset in the battle of the bulge!
Published 12/15/17
It's a little known fact that certain weight loss strategies can age the body by interfering with the production of certain hormones. In today's show we'll discuss stragegies that promote hormone secretion and rejuvenate the body while supercharging your weight loss program!  
Published 12/04/17
Perhaps you eat dessert after dinner every night. Perhaps you feel cravings the moment you arrive to work...Perhaps you pull into the local fast food restaurant every day on your way home from work...Triggers for habits are everywhere and although most people focus on the behavior, such as eating the cake, eating fast food, etc., perhaps we should focus on the trigger instead. If you learn to change the triggers in your life, there is no need for the behvior...That's the topic of this episode.
Published 09/29/17
Bad days are the scourge of your healthy lifestyle, when you're having a bad day you will often make unhealthy food and exercise choices. Today's podcast covers this topic so that you can build a plan on days that aren't going your way. 
Published 09/15/17
Body transformation is not all about weight, however, it's often times difficult to break free from the shakles of the scale. Today we discuss some of the mindset stuff you need to keep the faith when the going gets tough. 
Published 08/25/17
A very common question we get is should I lose weight fast or should I slow it down for better long-term results? During this episode, we'll discuss the research behind fast and slow weight loss and our personal experience with client as to which is best for long-term f.at loss success. Finally we'll discuss some actionable advice for utilizing this new knowledge.    
Published 08/11/17
There's a lot of weight loss advice out there and a lot of it is irritatingly difficult to implement, some is just straight up impossible to do consistently. In today's episode, you'll learn 10 super easy things to do to improve your weight loss results. Today's episode is about simple tactics for enhancing your weight loss program, things you can add to your program with little effort.   
Published 07/28/17
Do you feel like your family and friends are working against your weight loss efforts? Are you constantly swiping through images and posts about tasty treats and food? Today we'll discuss what to do about your spouse or friend who seems to be sabotaging your efforts to lose weight.
Published 07/21/17