Body Image with Dr. Kirsty Seward
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In this week's episode, Bonnie is joined by Dr. Kirsty Seward where they will have a discussion on the ins and outs of body image. Bonnie & Dr. Kirsty will touch on topics such as: Body image  How changing your body does not improve body image longterm  the importance of connecting to our bodies  how dieting takes us away from connecting to our bodies  Dr. Kirsty's explant journey, how it helped her reconnect to her body & improve her body image  how to improve your own body image & feelings of self-worth Our guest today is Dr. Kirsty Seward who an accredited practicing dietitian and Ph.D. qualified behavior scientist, from Newcastle, Australia. As a dietitian, Kirsty loves helping women say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and diet culture. Kirsty underwent explant surgery in January 2021 after suffering from Breast implant illness. Kirsty embraces her personal body image and explant journey and uses her lived experience combined with her education and professional experience to help women heal their relationship with food and their body. You can find Dr. Kirsty on Instagram at @drkirstyseward or visit her website at Have questions you’d like Bonnie to answer on the podcast? Send them to [email protected] Leave an honest rating & review on Apple podcasts here. 
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