Postpartum - The Real Sh*t No One Talks About
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Dylan Murphy is a Registered Dietitian and founder of FREE Method Nutrition, a virtual nutrition practice that exists to empower women to have confidence in their body, clarity in their food choices and consistency in their health habits. Dylan is a new mom and enjoys talking about the realness of motherhood on her social media accounts @dylanmurphy.rd in an effort to make all moms feel more empowered and less alone. We get REAL in this episode and talk about the first night home from the hospital, how postpartum NEVER ends, and best advice for new moms.
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Published 09/23/22
SURPRISE! It turns out we can’t stay away for long, we missed you too much! This episode is *timely* and overdue! Listen to us cover current events and explain more than a 3 min TikTok allows, what it’s like to share your message on social media, and more!! Find us on IG @whattheactualforkpod 
Published 09/23/22
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