Healthy Cooking Secrets #2—Secrets To The Best-Tasting Veggies, A Lebanese Spice To Beat Bloat & Freezer Hacks to Save A Ton of $$$ ft. Julia Turshen, @dadaeats, and @feelgoodfoodie
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I’m so excited for a brand spanking new episode of Healthy Cooking Secrets. On our first episode of this series, The Korean Vegan, Justine Snacks, and Feed the Malik all came on the pod and shared SO MANY good tips, like how to get protein and even marathon-train on a vegan diet, why you should be adding corn starch to cookies, how to always know the best thing to order from restaurant menus, and more. If you like food and you haven’t listened to that episode yet, I highly recommend that you do, but don’t worry—it’s not at all required to enjoy this episode. On this episode Samah Dada from @dadaeats shares:  * The four spices to keep on hand for amazing Indian dishes * Why she never drinks cold water * How living in London influenced her self image and cooking style * The BTS of cooking on television * Her favorite make-ahead work lunches Then Yumna Jawad from @feelgoodfoodie gets into: * Her secrets for getting kids to eat healthy * 3 ways to get even the pickiest eaters excited about veggies * The tiktok trends she's tried that have been total wins—and which ones were total fails * The Lebanese ingredients she always keeps on hand to uplevel all of her dishes * The one spice she adds to dishes to combat bloating Finally, best-selling cookbook author Julia Turshen (@turshen) shares:  * How she dealt with her wife's Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis * How she's healed her relationship with food and learned to intuitively eat * Her secret to making vegan and vegetarian dishes SUPER satisfying * Why she doesn't like meal prep and what she does instead * Her top tips for saving a ton of money on healthy food * Her freezer, pantry, and spice cabinet must haves I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the episode! Screenshot and tag me—I’m @lizmoody— and my guests and share your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. I’d also love to know any foodies  you’d love to see on future episodes! PS: Have you snagged my Foodie preset pack? You can get all 8 presets, designed to make your food pics look as good as they taste, at  PPS: Healthier Together is officially a number one best-seller! You can get your copy on Amazon or at  Please keep sending me your creations on Instagram—they make me so happy! This episode is sponsored by Organifi, the makers of my favorite caffeine-free energy drink, Red Juice. You can go to and use the code “healthiertogether” for 20% off your order. This episode is sponsored by Nuzest, one of my favorite protein powders. It’s 98% digestible (a rarity in the protein powder space) and—get this—it actually tastes good. I recommend the Digestive Support Line—they have a Probiotic Vanilla and a Probiotic Cacao. You can use the code “HealthierTogether20” for 20% off your order on  Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy. 
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