Healthy Travel Secrets, Hiking & Camping Tips For Newbies + How To Find The Most Beautiful Places In The World with Renee Roaming
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I have been feeling VERY wanderlusty lately—I have an adventure itch, and there was no one better to scratch it than Renee Hahnel, otherwise known as the powerhouse Renee Roaming (@reneeroaming). The author and mega-successful social media star and blogger joined me to talk about all things travel and getting outside, including: * her best tips for taking amazing travel photos * what shocked her about the US when she moved here * how to take big, risky life steps without fear * the harder parts of living abroad that people don't talk about * healthy living secrets from australia * a genius tip to dip your toes into hiking & camping * the gear you need to get out on the trail * how to not be afraid of ticks & bears (including her crazy personal bear encounter story!) * how to protect yourself as a woman hiking/camping alone * the most beautiful place she's ever been * how to not fight when you travel with a partner * how to find the best spots to visit * how she stays healthy when traveling * and so much more! PS: Have you snagged my Foodie preset pack? You can get all 8 presets, designed to make your food pics look as good as they taste, at PPS: Healthier Together is officially a number one best-seller! You can get your copy on Amazon or at Please keep sending me your creations on Instagram—they make me so happy! This episode is sponsored by Seed, the makers of one of my all-time favorite supplements. Their Seed Daily Synbiotic is a game changer—it contains both pre- and probiotics, survives INTACT all the way into your gut, AND contains the most studied and powerful strains of probiotics out there. You can get 15% off of your first month’s supply of Seed’s Daily Synbiotic by going to and using the code LIZMOODY. This episode is sponsored by Paleovalley, who make incredibly high quality supplements. If you’d like to check out their Turmeric Complex, Vitamin C, Neuroeffect, or any of Paleovalley’s other amazing products, head over to and use the code LIZM for 15% off. Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.
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