Curious about the relationship between the soil and the microbiome? In this episode, we discuss how the industrial food system affects the environment and our gut microbiomes! For more info and links check out our Show Notes: https://marypurdy.co/98/
Published 07/15/21
Are you concerned about climate change? Want to do something about it? You CAN! Every day, your eating and buying habits can make a difference. We offer 5 ways that YOU can be an eco-eater. Think of this as a crash course in how our food system affects the environment and contributes to climate change. For more info and links check out our Show Notes: https://marypurdy.co/97/
Published 07/01/21
What's so wonderful about the luscious lentil? Probably more than you think! There's a lot to love about this perfect pulse and we talk you through it, from nutritional prowess to planet protector!
Published 06/17/21
Can kids eat a plant-based diet and still meet their nutrient needs? A resounding "yes" from our fantastic guest, pediatrician Dr. Yami. Tune in to learn the how, why and what! For more info and links check out our Show Notes: https://marypurdy.co/95/
Published 06/03/21
What IS a plant-based diet? Does it mean no meat ever? It is about sprouts? Join us to find out what eating more plant based proteins in your diet is not only healthy for you but better for the environment!
Published 05/20/21
We all hear that we should "eat more vegetables." But what if you don't actually have access to them? What can be done about this? Join us for a conversation with pioneers from Clean Greens, a market and farm working to bring more produce to black and brown communities.
Published 05/06/21
Do you eat seaweed? Think nori, wakame and kombu for starters! These vegetables of the sea are not only nutritional gems, they are incredibly sustainable plants. Tune into this episode to find out about the many benefits of seaweed for people and planet.
Published 04/15/21
What are the benefits of Vitamin D? From bones to brain and from immunity to inflammation, this important nutrient plays a significant role in our health. Find out why it's so important and how you can potentially improve your levels.
Published 04/01/21
Monthly periods can be tough! But they don't have to be. There are numerous nutrition and lifestyle strategies that can help with cramps, mood and the many other symptoms that individuals often experience. If you don't suffer like others, you can still be part of the solution. Let food be thy Midol!
Published 03/18/21
Which is better? Farmed or wild fish? Turns out it's not only about looking at the nutritional value of this finned friend but also about looking at the the impact on the environment, ecosystems and traditional cultures.
Published 03/04/21
Curious about which of the many alternative milks out there is the "best" one? Hemp milk? Almond milk? Soy? Oat? We explore not only the health benefits but the environmental impact of these milks to help you understand how to make the choice that's right for you!
Published 02/18/21
Garbanzos or chickpeas? No matter what you call 'em, you can't beat these nutritional gems. Find out why chickpeas are so darn healthy for both you and Mother Nature. Plus, is there a bean that's more versatile? We have recipe ideas galore. Are you ready to join our chickpea commission? Tune in!
Published 02/04/21
With all the screen time these days, our eyes are getting a bit of a work out! We're talking strain, fatigue, blurry vision, dryness, plus a myriad of other issues that affect eyes regardless of our device exposure. Did you know that nutrition can play a role in the health of those eyeballs? And it ain't just about carrots. Plus we celebrate the good work of Community Alliance for Global Justice.
Published 01/20/21
How have your eating habits changed during Covid? What comfort food do you turn to in times of stress? While numerous rituals around food have been disrupted this year, it is also a perfect time to develop new habits, to build community and connection, and to help create resilience.
Published 01/07/21
Can diet help manage hormonal imbalances and PCOS? The answer is a resounding yes! “The Hormone Dietitian” Melissa Groves Azzaro discusses power foods and functional approaches to hormonal balance. Plus, a giveaway of Melissa's amazing cookbook "A Balanced Approach to PCOS."
Published 12/16/20
Collard green wraps are magical. This dark leafy green cranks up the nutritional value of what might normally be a wimpy sandwich. Learn about the health benefits and get some inspiration about what to put inside your yummy wrap.
Published 12/03/20
Is soil just dirt? Learn about why growing food using organic or regenerative farming practices can help prevent soil erosion, support the environment and ultimately produce more nutritious foods that can support and improve your health. Join our conversation with Jennifer Maynard. For recipes and more info, check out our SHOW NOTES... https://marypurdy.co/why-how-your-food-is-grown-matters/
Published 11/07/20
Ever wonder why winter squashes are so darn great? From numerous health benefits to just looking lovely, these nutrient-rich gems are true superfoods. Mary lists seven reasons why you want to incorporate more winter squash into your life. Plus, yummy squash recipes!
Published 10/07/20
Are you aware of the prevalence of chemicals in our environment? Whether it's chemicals in your food, your personal care products, your clothes, or other household items, these chemicals can affect your health. Learn how you can reduce your risks with Dr. Aly Cohen.
Published 09/17/20
Need a crash course in autoimmune issues? Andrea Nakayama from the Functional Nutrition Alliance joins us to discuss functional nutrition approaches to autoimmunity and how balancing food, movement, mindset and environment can make a huge difference when it comes to taming inflammation, improving your energy and resolving symptoms.
Published 08/18/20
How does soil quality affect food quality? There's a strong connection. Soil health supports human health. Find out how regenerative agriculture is being utilized to heal our soil and ultimately save humanity. Join Mary Purdy as she interviews Jeff Tkach from the Rodale Institute.
Published 07/26/20
Having thyroid issues doesn't always mean that the thyroid is what needs to be treated. Most hypothyroidism can be attributed to the autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Find out how to support your body with nutrition and lifestyle habits that support overall health of the body and may be able to bring thyroid function back into balance.
Published 07/05/20
Is organic food better than conventionally grown food? Find out why supporting organic farming might just benefit both you and the planet.
Published 05/06/20
In this time of uncertainty, staying healthy is key. Food can make a difference in enhancing or hampering your immune system. We offer tips and ideas for foods to include and those you may want to minimize. Supplements make a cameo appearance as well.
Published 04/15/20
Published 04/15/20