2280: Why Everyone Should Train Like an Athlete
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Introducing MAPS Performance Advanced! (1:21) Why looking good does NOT mean or guarantee you can move well. (2:45) The attributes of training like an athlete are unique to the average person going to the gym lifting to lose body fat. (4:03) #1 – Grip strength. (4:26) #2 – Multi-directional performance. (8:22) #3 – Move fast. (13:50) #4 – Ability to decelerate. (17:22) #5 – Ability to rotate/anti-rotate. (19:32) Breaking down the programming and phasing that is unique to this program. (23:27) Special launch price and bonuses! (38:42) Related Links/Products Mentioned Special Launch: MAPS Performance Advanced ** Promo code PALAUNCH at checkout for $80 off (Bonuses: Grip Strength Reference Guide + Eat for Performance + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee) ** Ends March 3rd, 2024 Mind Pump #1895: Eight Hacks For An Insanely Strong Grip Mind Pump #1790: The Secret To An Attractive & Functional Body Mind Pump #900: NBA Superstar Sports Performance Coach Paul Fabritz Landmine University Mind Pump Podcast – YouTube Mind Pump Free Resources People Mentioned Paul J. Fabritz (@pjfperformance) Instagram Joe DeFranco (@defrancosgym) Instagram James Smith (@smittydiesel) Instagram
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Published 04/13/24
Published 04/13/24
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