2314: The Best Way to Train to Lose Fat, How to Choose Between Enclomiphene & TRT, Staying Jacked as a Runner & More (Listener Live Coaching)
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In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin coach four Pump Heads via Zoom. Email [email protected] if you want to be considered to ask your question on the show. Mind Pump Fit Tip: If you want to move in a direction where your life changes, having a mentor or a guide is your best bet. (1:45) Kids say the darndest things. (13:04) Sal’s devastating night of sleep. (14:22) BPC-157's healing ability. (21:38) GLP1’s use for impulsive behavior and another Adam Tirzepetide update. (24:12) Beware of studies. (37:12) Preventable measures to ward off a cold. (40:49) For every one idiot, there is a sea of good stories. (45:08) Celebrity gossip and conspiracies. (49:45) #ListenerLive question #1 - Any advice on natural testosterone enhancers and when to seek out medical intervention? (1:03:17) #ListenerLive question #2 - What is the best approach to becoming a true hybrid athlete? (1:15:39) #ListenerLive question #3 - Would having an outside source (in this case, the EMS suit) make muscles contract illicit hypertrophy? (1:24:06) #ListenerLive question #4 - When trying to lose fat, is it better to reduce weight training and do more cardio? (1:32:30) Related Links/Products Mentioned Ask a question to Mind Pump, live! Email: [email protected] For a limited time only, Mind Pump listeners get a free LMNT Sample Pack with any purchase: Visit DrinkLMNT.com/MindPump Visit Organifi for the exclusive offer for Mind Pump listeners! **Promo code MINDPUMP at checkout** April Promotion: MAPS Anywhere | MAPS HIIT 50% off! ** Code APRIL50 at checkout ** TRANSCEND your goals! Telehealth Provider • Physician Directed GET YOUR PERSONALIZED TREATMENT PLAN! Hormone Replacement Therapy, Cognitive Function, Sleep & Fatigue, Athletic Performance and MORE. Their online process and medical experts make it simple to find out what’s right for you. 3 Day Mind Pump Personal Trainer Webinar Mind Pump Fitness Coaching Course Mind Pump #2125: Heal Like Wolverine: BPC 157 With Dr. William Seeds Mind Pump #2187: Why Building Muscle Is More Important Than Losing Fat With Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Doctor explains new study on salt substitutes, plus swaps to decrease sodium New Study: Mediterranean Diet, Daily Glass of Wine May Lower Depression Risk Beyoncé Accused of 'Extreme Witchcraft' by Former Drummer Kimberly Thompson The Fanatic (2019 movie) Mock human sacrifice at Cern Dark Parody and Villainous Clowns | Matt Walsh | The Daily Wire Guantonio's Mind Pump #2312: Five Steps To Bounce Back From Overtraining MAPS Fitness Anabolic MAPS Fitness Performance   Mind Pump #1237: Why Most Group Exercise Classes Suck Mind Pump #1987: How To Burn Fat & Build Muscle At The Same Time Mind Pump Podcast – YouTube Mind Pump Free Resources People Mentioned Dr. William Seeds (@williamseedsmd) Instagram Christina Hathaway (@mindsetofmattercoaching) Instagram Dr. Gabrielle Lyon (@drgabriellelyon) Instagram Michael Churnow (@michaelchernow) Instagram
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In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin answer four Pump Head questions drawn from last Sunday’s Quah post on the @mindpumpmedia Instagram page.  Mind Pump Fit Tip: Don’t have weak ass feet! (2:18) Our dependence on electronics and the guys’ love of old cars. (17:29) ...
Published 05/24/24
Published 05/24/24
His background and how he got into the field of pornography. (1:57) The silent epidemic of pornography. (3:49) Tapping into something that is so biologically wired into us. (8:43) The deeper the hooks go, the harder it is to get out of it. (10:29) How this can mold a child’s brain....
Published 05/23/24