1665: How Gyms Survived Shutdowns With Jason Khalipa
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In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin speak with former CrossFit champion and gym owner Jason Khalipa about the challenges of running gyms during shutdowns and ongoing uncertainty. Unpacking the pivots made since the beginning of the pandemic? (1:50) Utilizing their likeness with their license program. (5:25) What were the biggest differences he saw from the various government mandates? (8:22) How did he handle this personally? (12:43) Has he noticed a rebound effect in his businesses? (18:13) How people don’t realize what they had until it’s gone. (21:33) The steep learning curve of digital fitness space. (24:03) What is he most proud of? (28:09) Was he surprised what happened with Greg Glassman? (32:28) Does he believe the perception has changed surrounding the CrossFit brand? (34:27) What markets should we keep an eye on? (40:00) How can the fitness space better communicate the benefits of being healthy and fit? (41:18) How fitness teaches you micro adversity. (46:30) Does he see a business in teaching children to move more? (48:10) The ebbs and flows of building an app. (50:17) The value of podcasting and social media in building a business. (56:00) The best entrepreneurial advice he has received. (59:37) His goal in competing in the CrossFit Legends Invitational. (1:02:15) What brought him to jujutsu? (1:07:12) Did he have a nemesis while he was competing? (1:10:00) The good in seeing the sport transition outside the gym. (1:11:22) What does the future look like for NC Fit? (1:13:31) Related Links/Products Mentioned October Promotion: MAPS Anabolic and NO BS 6-Pack Formula – Get Both for $59.99!    Visit Vuori Clothing for an exclusive offer for Mind Pump listeners! Get the App — NCFIT Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth: 1280: COVID-19 – The Death Of The Gym Industry? Global Data Show COVID-19 Transmission in Gyms is Rare Mind Pump #1655: The Best Natural Treatment For Anxiety & Depression Greg Glassman resigns as CrossFit CEO after controversial statements about George Floyd 2021 Rogue Invitational CrossFit Legends Roster will Feature Jason Khalipa, Annie Sakamoto Among Others ‎Effort Over Everything with Jason Khalipa Jacob Heppner Edges Josh Bridges In Closely Contested ‘Crossfit’ Boxing Match at CoreSports: Fight Night 3 Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine—but vaccination remains vital | Science | AAAS Mind Pump Podcast – YouTube Mind Pump Free Resources Featured Guest/People Mentioned Jason Khalipa (@jasonkhalipa)  Instagram David Goggins (@davidgoggins)  Instagram Rich Froning (@richfroning)  Instagram
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