The Relationship Survival Kit w/ Jessica Da Silva and Jemma Joel
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Todays podcast episode is a little different as I am sharing an interview in which I was a guest on Jemma Joels The Dating Diaries Podcast. I loved our conversation so much that I asked her if I could share the episode on my personal podcast as we touch on a lot of commonly asked questions: —How to create a healthy and happy relationship considering our attachment styles?—How to tell someone’s attachment style in the early stages of dating? —The difference between self sacrifice and self neglect within a relationship? And lots of good tips and tools on how these experiences… ————————— My Secure Self Academy: ————————— Jemma Joel info: Podcast: The Dating Diaries Instagram: @thedatingdiaries__ —————————- Find me at: Instagram: @thejessicadasilva Tiktok: @jessicadasilvacoaching Coach with me: (book a free Clarity Call with me) at Free Attachment Style Quiz:
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Why did I move away from my fiancé after getting engaged? In this episode, I share my personal experience with saving my relationship through saving myself. Also, how to know the difference between self-sacrifice versus self-neglect. ______ My Secure Self E-Course:...
Published 01/16/23
Published 01/16/23
Free 5-Day Series Attachment Style Guide: My Secure Self E-Course: Find me at: Instagram: @thejessicadasilva Tiktok: @jessicadasilvacoaching Coach with me:...
Published 12/27/22