"How do I navigate the tendency to lose myself in a long-term relationship as anxiously attached person?"
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In this week's Q&A episode, I'm answering a community question about the (very common) tendency to lose oneself as an anxiously attached person in relationships. I'll talk through why this happens so often and easily, and what you can do to counter it.  Further Links & Resources Join the waitlist for the next round of Healing Anxious Attachment Download the free guide: Attachment 101 Follow me on Instagram: @stephanie__rigg & @onattachment Visit my website
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In today's Q&A episode, I'm answering the question of how to bring up wanting to move in together with an avoidant partner. This episode will be super helpful for anyone in this same situation, or who is otherwise wanting to have a "what are we?" type chat with their avoidant partner. We'll...
Published 03/23/23
In anticipation of the upcoming launch of my signature program Healing Anxious Attachment, today's episode is all about what changes you can expect as you heal your anxious attachment. I'll be sharing 6 shifts that you'll notice as you do the healing work and become more secure within yourself...
Published 03/22/23
Published 03/22/23