003. How I Softened Into My Life This Year
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I've wanted to write about this at various times, but the words didn't come to me until now. This is a reflection on how I've adapted, softened, and allowed myself to change this year. Plus, a question or potential journal prompt at the end.
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How have your friendships changed? This is a topic that has come up in countless conversations over the last year—and so I thought I would share a few of my own thoughts and experiences with you. At the end, I offer up a new question you might consider asking a loved one the next time you talk.
Published 05/02/21
It's pouring rain here on the "wet" coast of Canada, and I'm standing under a tree... sharing my favourite journal prompts with you. What a way to end this week/month. :)
Published 04/25/21
We're doing something a little different today! Hanging out in my bedroom, and discussing the books that have kept me company this year. There have been many, so here's a shorter list of some of my favourites, along with a few quotes/poems. Enjoy!
Published 04/18/21