006. How Are Your Friendships?
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How have your friendships changed? This is a topic that has come up in countless conversations over the last year—and so I thought I would share a few of my own thoughts and experiences with you. At the end, I offer up a new question you might consider asking a loved one the next time you talk.
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I love this question, and I know exactly what season I'm entering. Along with some insight on that, I've decided to apply the word "season" to how I run this little podcast. I'm taking a quick break from recording, and share what I'll be doing in the next two weeks. I'll see you back here on July...
Published 06/13/21
When was the last time you surprised yourself? Did something new to you... something you didn't know you could do... something you even enjoyed!? I share something I did this week, plus answer all of your questions, including whether or not I believe in serendipity. :)
Published 06/06/21
What does it feels like for you to sit in silence with someone? No talking. Just you, a friend, and the ocean or the wind or the birds. It used to make me uncomfortable. Now I know there's a real trust in the silence. A trust in the relationship. And I think we are building that here.
Published 05/30/21