010. There's Trust in the Silence
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What does it feels like for you to sit in silence with someone? No talking. Just you, a friend, and the ocean or the wind or the birds. It used to make me uncomfortable. Now I know there's a real trust in the silence. A trust in the relationship. And I think we are building that here.
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It's been a few years since I've talked about money publicly, but that's not for a lack of having something to say! This is a two-part series on how my relationship with money has changed over the years. In part one, we will look at the practical side of how I do things today. I hope it's......
Published 07/25/21
Today, I'm taking you to my favourite spot by the creek and reading 7 poems by Mary Oliver, from her book Devotions. By the end, you'll hear why this episode became even more special for me. I'm so glad we could spend some time together in this place.
Published 07/18/21
A simple question has turned into likely the longest episode I will ever record. I'm sharing the ups and downs of the 8 years I have been sober. It's taught me everything I needed to know about showing up as my full self. If you are on this journey, I see you, friend.
Published 07/11/21