On this final episode of the Running Buds Podcast, the guys discuss running gear of yesteryear with Toledo Running Legend Mark Lohman. The guys also reminisce a bit on the podcast.
Published 10/17/21
Published 10/17/21
The guys chat Saint George Marathon and Achilles International with several guests.
Published 10/03/21
The guys celebrate cooler temps and talk fall running. There's also more info than you'd expect about Wolf Spiders.
Published 09/19/21
Charlie complains about his failed pacing endeavor before the guys discuss the Olympic Marathon.
Published 09/05/21
The guys delve into Race anxiety and the mental side of running.
Published 08/22/21
The guys discuss Charlie's experience racing then volunteering at the Deseret News Half Marathon.
Published 08/08/21
The guys admit to their dorky map tendencies and discuss unique runs.
Published 07/25/21
In this episode, the guys talk anger runs, Strava tragedies, Olympic Sports and Distance Runners vs Sprinters.  They also name a few Strava Segments.
Published 07/11/21
The guys chat with Utah ultra marathoner and blogger Ryan Timme about redemption races and ultra marathons.  They eventually address the PED positive test that an Olympian runner blamed on a pork burrito. Check out Ryan's blog: http://www.liferunningotherstuff.com/
Published 06/27/21
The guys record the night before and the day after Charlie runs the Utah Valley Marathon.  They then delve into the frustration of the ever-expanding cutoff to actually run the Boston Marathon.
Published 06/13/21
The guys talk about what is next and wish a few friends "happy trails" as they record in person.
Published 05/30/21
Interview with Runner and YouTube sensation Seth James Demoor. Plus the guys give some final thoughts on their PRs in Glass City Marathon before Charlie sends a message to all the snobby Ultra Runners.
Published 05/16/21
The guys plus special guests Scott Daw and Melchor Suaste record the night before and almost immediately after the Glass City Marathon.
Published 05/02/21
Charlie lays out his slogan for Glass City Marathon 2021
Published 04/22/21
In this episode, Steve proves to be the least cool runner. The guys also discuss their taper and their goals going into Glass City Marathon.
Published 04/18/21
The guys talk about being "in the zone" when it comes to training and crossing the finish line completely depleted. They also spend far too much time discussing ultra marathons and races in Montreal.
Published 04/02/21
The guys talk about the passing of Dick Hoyt and being Running Dads before discussing race precautions with Glass City Marathon Race Director Clint McCormick.
Published 03/21/21
The guys open the mail bag and discuss Geo Metros, Running Comebacks and Age Graded Results.
Published 03/07/21
The guys talk about proper running footwear for winter conditions before discussing how they plan to eventually retire from running.
Published 02/21/21
The guys discuss the coldest runs they've ever done, the ugliest shoe created, and smells on the run (the pleasant ones).
Published 02/07/21
Steve performs the first ever on-air toenail surgery while the guys discuss an interesting email from a fan.
Published 01/24/21
Steve and Charlie discuss the Glass City Marathon, which they are both signed up for. The guys wax poetically about Toledo Ohio a bit before chatting about some celebrities who run.
Published 01/10/21
The guys dive into the mail bag one last time in 2020. They discuss the usefulness of a running coach and get feedback from an expert on how gross it is to double dip a jar of petroleum jelly.
Published 12/27/20
The guys discuss informal races, why they hate 5ks and whether their wives are coaches or couches.
Published 12/13/20