Listen to this before freezing your eggs, with Helen Zee
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Egg freezing has become an insurance policy for many women. But outside of IVF, how do you decide if you want to freeze your eggs? Helen Zee has helped many couples with her methods and support, and wants to help women understand the ins and outs of egg freezing for a successful outcome. In this episode Helen shares; Reasons to freeze your eggs, such as IVF and age How egg freezing can be an aggressive strategy and why How to decide if you should freeze your eggs Whether egg freezing the best insurance policy for those who aren’t ready or in a position to conceive How weight can make a big difference to outcomes and egg quality The number of eggs to hope for What happens with overstimulation and complications associated with the medical protocols 3 things you can do right now to improve egg quality Connect with Helen via her website See for privacy information.
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