Darren wants to know about what you can and can't say these days, so Joe does his best to walk him along the tightrope of public opinion and show him how to stay on the right side of the line. The lads talk food, from Joe's hatred for carvery to Darren's delicious but disappointing experience of seafood fine dining (and the embarrassment of eating a whole lobster). And there's a return of the elusive Darren from Finglas.
Published 01/12/22
Could Joe cut it as a cult leader? Darren won't be following but he thinks others might. The lads tell each other about the most dangerous places they've visited, Darren remembers the electric shock that sent him out the front door, and Joe tries to open Darren's eyes to the potential of mushrooms.
Published 01/05/22
What’s the fastest you ever got out of a chair? Darren reminisces about the days when he could leap from a seat in record times. Then there’s an exploration of trypophobia, and Joe gets very squeamish. Darren admits he’s freaked out by outer space, so the lads consider what’s at the end of the universe, a brick wall or a cosmic roundabout? Joe explains why he hates spending money in all circumstances, and listeners have some particularly strange questions this week.
Published 12/29/21
Why does Joe hate Christmas? He has many reasons, which he happily outlines for us. Darren dreams of making a million on crypto so he can go yacht shopping, but probably just buy a pirate ship instead. And the lads wonder, is human spontaneous combustion real?
Published 12/22/21
A very special guest drops in to the Stall It Christmas special, all the way from the North Pole/Finglas, Darren explains the true meaning of Christmas (presents for him) and Joe has some stories of festive traditions from around the world.
Published 12/15/21
The lads are fascinated by the brilliance of crows, so we call Owen Colgan, comedian and star of Hardy Bucks, to tap into his expert knowledge on what he considers to be "the smartest of all air animals". Darren has a new haircut that he thinks gives him Hollywood star appeal and a route into the Illuminati, Joe has big problems with Darren's stew recipe, and there's a very specific listener question that has the lads making some big decisions.
Published 12/08/21
Darren is caught wearing matching pyjamas, Joe faces his fears and goes to a football match alone, the lads tell each other their nicknames from schooldays, and there's a lot of Joe telling us just how awful his trip to Lapland was. He really didn't have a good time.
Published 12/01/21
Have you ever had an idea for a world changing invention? Do you have visions of gadgets that could revolutionise daily life? The lads have inspiration for gadgets to change the world, and we hear about the inventors who made some of history's most influential products, but never made a cent. Darren tells us about the time he almost burned the house down, and there's a special (and strange) guest appearance from a regular contributor to listeners' questions.
Published 11/24/21
This week the lads prove they're inseparable, even when Darren can't find his way around Dublin. Meanwhile, Darren is taking kids tickets to festive events and getting confused between Lapland and the RDS, and listener questions have Joe getting worried about how people see him.
Published 11/17/21
This week Darren gives us an education in 90s toys and TV, while Joe is starting to suspect Darren might be posh. Meanwhile, Darren isn't sure if a life in virtual reality is for him, Joe's brining us back to Mosney, and of course there's plenty of listener questions.
Published 11/10/21
This week Joe has stories of failed auditions and Darren's history of getting cut from music videos, Joe explains what aphantasia is, and they debate if they'd be able to survive in the wilderness, or if winning an Oscar would make them unpopular down the local.
Published 11/03/21
On the Hallowe'en special Darren and Joe meet one of Ireland's leading psychic and healing practitioners, Catherine Woods. This episode features knick-knacks, exorcism chats and the animal afterlife.For more from Catherine visit: catherinewoodspsychic.com
Published 10/27/21
Darren and Joe are reunited after a week apart. Planning starts for the 'Stall It Podcast' halloween special, Joe talks about being scammed, his kleptomaniac mate and the lads share some spooky tales from Lillie's loo.
Published 10/20/21
This week the lad are separated and recording from different locations as global events have conspired to keep them apart. But that can't stop them, and there's talk of the physics of humans flying, why the film Matilda gave Joe great hope for life's potential but terrified Darren, and the suitability of a meerkat as a pet.
Published 10/13/21
This week the lads are joined by Blindboy Boatclub. The conversation covers everything from why Blindboy can shop in the middle aisle of Aldi and Darren can't, to Ireland's best fried chicken spots, and Blindboy's admiration for one particular sketch Darren made back when he was starting out in comedy.
Published 10/06/21
This week Joe coaches Darren on how he can master lucid dreaming and then tells us how an assault on a night out fixed a very expensive dental problem. Darren tells us how he could make a living with his freakishly large back and gives us a demonstration of his pretty disappointing French language skills. And the lads pick their wrestling tag team name...
Published 09/29/21
This week the lads try to answer the mysteries of some ancient riddles, get a surprise present from a well known radio presenter, discuss washing mattresses, pugs watching Sky Sports and Darren's phobia of eggs... except when he's eating them.
Published 09/22/21
We have our first ever guest on the pod this week, Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald. We cover all the big political questions of the day, from Sinn Fein's policy on Mars Delights and Darren's future with transcendental meditation. And former SF President Gerry Adams makes a surprise appearance over speaker phone, to give Darren advice on growing his beard.
Published 09/15/21
Joe tells us about jumping out of a plane, Darren considers hiring a medieval knight for a day and there's memories of teenage dating (and tears at the cinema).
Published 09/08/21
This week the lads open the floor to questions from listeners, and it takes them in strange directions, from sharks on Griffith Avenue to wrestling with world famous footballers outside Dr Quirkey’s. There's also a debate on the merits of luxury hi-vis jackets, and Darren reveals his big dreams for an official Stall It biscuit.
Published 09/01/21
This week Joe finds a covid cure in a shed in north Dublin, the lads relax with some classical music, Darren wants to be an extra in a bank heist movie, and we hear Joe’s long, strange employment history.
Published 08/25/21
Darren is delayed and his cover story doesn't add up, but Joe keeps the ship afloat until he gets back. Then there's talk of eating frogs legs, fancy lasagne and Darren's theories about finding fifty quid in hotel Bibles. And there's some singing. Too much singing, probably.
Published 08/18/21
Darren tells us about the one scary film he can never watch again and that leads us down a rabbit hole of the paranormal. There’s dancing with samurai swords, Joe’s stand up nightmares and Darren's getting worried his whole life is a simulation.
Published 08/11/21
The lads have some confessing to do this week, about their criminal pasts, and they're not proud of themselves. Darren lets us know about (another) crime wave he was victim to in his youth, and Joe visits the GP.
Published 08/04/21
This week the the lads want to know, when does painting become decorating? Darren has moved into a new apartment and it's too dark, the lads are arguing over if Star Wars is sci fi, and wondering what would happen if it was filmed in Ballymun? And there's a pause for the Angelus and standing for the national anthem when you're in Spain.
Published 07/28/21