On the myths (and macronutrients) of happiness.
Published 04/15/24
Get your blood moving, mindfully! You can cultivate relaxation, even when you’re walking at a faster clip.
Published 04/12/24
How our false expectations and misunderstandings about relationships can create an incalculable amount of suffering — and the many problems of the "You complete me" model.
Published 04/10/24
Hidden sources of stress — and how to beat them. Also: the myth of normal, the necessity of being disillusioned, and the disutility of comparing your suffering.
Published 04/08/24
Buddhist strategies for making money and being creative.
Published 04/03/24
Why fear of other people’s opinions (FOPO) holds us back, and what to do about it.
Published 04/01/24
Self-compassion can be really difficult. Imagining your younger self can soften your armor and help you receive the care you deeply deserve.
Published 03/29/24
How to build a career that is sturdy, meaningful, and doesn’t burn you out.
Published 03/27/24
Slow productivity: achievement without burnout.
Published 03/25/24
Dan leads an “open awareness” meditation that’s also available as part of the 10th anniversary audiobook of Ten Percent Happier.
Published 03/22/24
Do you struggle to fit meditation into a busy life? Check out this candid conversation with Dan’s younger brother, Matt.
Published 03/20/24
We explore the intellectual and practical aspects of these mystical and esoteric concepts.
Published 03/18/24
Watching things come and go helps weaken obsessive cravings both in meditation and in our lives.
Published 03/15/24
A Buddhist psychiatrist (and one of the key players in Dan’s meditation career) talks about the overlap between Freud and the dharma. Mark Epstein M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice in New York City, is the author of a number of books about the interface of Buddhism and psychotherapy, including Thoughts without a Thinker, Going to Pieces without Falling Apart, Going on Being, Open to Desire, Psychotherapy without the Self, The Trauma of Everyday Life and Advice Not Given: A...
Published 03/13/24
Am I a bad meditator if I don’t go on a retreat? What do they entail? How do I stay silent for days on end? How do I get into one? What’s the food like?
Published 03/11/24
Guidance for any time you need to practice staying relaxed and ready for whatever life might throw your way.
Published 03/08/24
A wide ranging interview with one the biggest and most controversial names in the self-help world.
Published 03/06/24
The tables have turned: Dan is interviewed by two of his producers.
Published 03/04/24
At times it feels like thinking trips us up more often than it helps. In this session, everyday New Yorker—and meditation luminary—Sharon Salzberg coaches you toward feeling more empowered relating to your own thoughts.
Published 03/01/24
The four rules for a meaningful conversation, when to be vulnerable, and how to form the habits of becoming a supercommunicator.
Published 02/28/24
How to cultivate a generosity mindset— and make a good thing less boring.
Published 02/26/24
Dan Harris takes you inside the way he practices on a daily basis, live from the Omega Institute.
Published 02/23/24
A Master Class in equanimity. It’s the latest installment of our Meditation Party series. Live from Omega.
Published 02/21/24
Simple tools you can knit into your life both for when you’re actively freaking out, and for preventing future trips down the anxiety toilet.
Published 02/19/24