As a double Olympic gold medalist, Dame Kelly Holmes’ story still continues to capture the hearts of the nation. But what did it really take for Kelly to succeed? In this season finale, Kelly talks to Alice about her most incredible achievements during a time when her mental health was at its lowest. Kelly speaks out about building her mental strength and how her dream to become the best athlete in the world probably saved her life.
Published 06/19/19
With a personal mantra of ‘let’s make the impossible, possible’, Sophie is a T10 spinal cord injury survivor who has documented her recovery process through social media. As Gymshark's first ever disabled affiliate and a recent winner of the Cosmopolitan Fitness Influencer of the Year Award, Sophie is a massive advocate of visibility and ableism. In this episode, Sophie talks to Alice about her journey of extreme hardship, strength and resilience as she shares the story of her accident and...
Published 06/12/19
With sport in her veins, Gabby Logan is undoubtedly one of the most influential names out there when it comes to women in sport. With a career that begun in competitive, rhythmic gymnastics and has since evolved into an extensive broadcasting portfolio including the London Marathon, The Invictus Games, 2012 Olympics, Match of the Day... the list goes on! Alice and Gabby cover everything from Gabby's young dreams of being a tennis player to the value of sports in schools as well as Gabby’s...
Published 06/05/19
In this week's episode, we hear from Claire Sanderson whose impressive 20 year career in national media titles has brought her to the role as Editor-in-Chief of Women's Health magazine. Leading by example, Claire bravely speaks out about her ongoing mental health challenges, as well as the positive media shift in language around visibility and diversity in the health and fitness industry.
Published 05/29/19
Following Mental Health Awareness Week, Alice chats to mental health campaigner, journalist and bestselling author Bryony Gordon about her marathon journey which paved the way to sobriety. Bryony opens up about past struggles, why she believes that exercise should be about gains over losses, as well as the inspirations behind her latest book 'You Got This: A Fabulously Fearless Guide to Being YOU' written to empower young teens. This episode acts as a reminder of the incredible healing powers...
Published 05/22/19
Martine Wright, MBE is a British sitting volleyball player who lost both her legs in the 7/7 London bombings in 2005. In this extended episode, we discover the healing and transformative influence sport had in Martine's life, how she draws strength from the memory of the 52 lives lost in the attack, and how her journey to the 2012 Paralympics has instilled in her a belief like no other. From the liberation she feels on the court, to the wonder of flying solo, Martine Wright is a force to be...
Published 05/15/19
Often referred to as the 'Queen of the Heptathlon’ Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill is a 2012 Olympic gold medalist, three-time world champion and 2010 European champion. Together Jessica and Alice talk about her ascent to the top of the podium, as well as how she battled through injury and came back stronger than ever before. Jessica also shares how her own experience with training whilst pregnant has led to the launch of her latest project - the creation of a brand new app, Jennis, which is designed...
Published 05/08/19
Tally Rye is a personal trainer, founder of Best Me Retreat Series, co-founder of Girl Games, and co-host of the Fit and Fearless podcast. In this refreshingly honest interview, Tally chats frankly to Alice about how her own relationship with exercise has evolved over the years, and how letting go of previous restrictive habits has opened her up to a world of confidence, truth and strength.
Published 05/01/19
This week Alice interviews top netball player and Commonwealth gold medalist Jade Clarke about her ascent to netball stardom. As the most capped English player of all time, Jade shares her journey to success, as well as her passion for promoting and celebrating female achievements in sport.
Published 04/24/19
Alice talks with coach and long time friend Cathy Brown who paved the way for women in boxing throughout her 10 year professional career. As the second woman to receive a boxing licence in the UK, Cathy discusses how her deep connection to the sport has pulled her through some serious trauma and shares why staying true to her ‘why’ has been integral in the face of adversity.
Published 04/17/19
Asma Elbadawi, celebrated basketball player and coach, shares how we can be the change we want to see in our lives. From successfully campaigning to lift the hijab ban in pro basketball to using spoken poems to find her voice, this is a story of fearlessly speaking the truth and empowering others to do the same.
Published 04/10/19
What makes a strong person to you? Bestselling author and personal trainer Alice Liveing interviews extraordinary women about the importance of building mental and physical resilience and how this can empower us to live happier, stronger lives.
Published 04/03/19