Published 10/19/21
What impact is your diet really having? Are the foods you eat harmful, or could they be saving your life? We are facing a growing epidemic of diet-related chronic diseases and a climate change crisis, both of which are linked to high meat consumption. What we eat impacts our health and the health of our children. But its impact is much bigger than that. It also affects the entire planet. The truth is, you can actually make a big difference to your health and the planet and it starts with...
Published 10/05/21
What would you do if you couldn’t fail? It’s the question that drives Kristina Karlsson, the dreamer behind Swedish-design stationery company Kikki K, which went from an idea at 3 a.m. to her opening 100 stores across the globe. Kristina is endlessly passionate about helping people like you to create their dream life and today we're going to talk about how she got started on the work that she does today, the importance of having a dream, and how you too can turn your dreams into reality. In...
Published 09/21/21
Did you know that you can use the power of the mind to heal? This is exactly what this week’s podcast guest did after a horrific biking accident that nearly left him paralyzed. The brain is our most incredible organ and it’s capable of so much, perhaps even more than we could have ever imagined. And with the right knowledge, it can be rewired to undertake the kind of self-healing that even modern medicine isn’t capable of. Dr. Joe Dispenza is the living example of everything he teaches. He...
Published 09/07/21
The Powerful Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet with Ocean Robbins What exactly is inflammation, and how do the foods we eat play a role in it? In this episode with Ocean Robbins, our conversation centers around an anti-inflammatory diet, the overwhelming health benefits of this lifestyle, and the top foods to eat to support it. Ocean explores the key factors that contribute to inflammation and, if left unaddressed, the long-term implications of chronic cases. It surprises people to...
Published 08/24/21
Stress eating is a habit that many of us are all too familiar with. But in times of need, it makes sense right? We typically reach for the foods that bring us comfort. The issue arises when we find ourselves in periods of prolonged, chronic stress, with food being our savior. That’s when it becomes a habit that we need to take a deeper look at. In this week's episode with Marc David, we’re doing exactly that. Marc is the Founder and primary teacher of the Institute for the Psychology of...
Published 08/09/21
There are so many factors that can impact our weight and our health. Poor food choices and lack of movement are two of the key factors which can lead to weight gain. We believe that the best way to achieve natural, sustainable weight loss is by using a holistic approach that encompasses nourishing foods, movement & mindfulness. If you use these three key pillars in harmony, not only will you lose weight, you’ll also feel happier, healthier, and more energetic. But did you know that there...
Published 07/28/21
The mind-body connection - we know it’s powerful, but did you know that it actually has the ability to create or cure chronic disease - especially when stress and fear are involved? In this week’s podcast episode, join author, speaker, health coach, and founder of ‘Chris Beat Cancer’, Chris Wark. When it comes to battling stress in the face of severe illness, there is no one better.
Published 06/03/19
In this week's episode of the Food Matters Podcast, James talks with healthy living expert, Cyndi O'Meara and they tackle that exact issue, plus how to get back to eating the foods that will lead to an optimal life.
Published 05/27/19
Could meditation and yoga be the key to overcoming fear and anxiety, reducing stress, sleep better, leading to a better connection with yourself? In this week's podcast episode James and Koya dive deep into how powerful meditation, yoga, and self-love can be!
Published 05/20/19
Published 05/20/19
James and Joe discuss the health problems that Joe experienced that made him realize he needed a cleanse and reboot, highlight the signs and symptoms your body may be giving you that it might be calling out for a cleanse, and examine why juicing was his method of choice to change and reinvigorate his life.
Published 05/13/19
The gut - we can't stop talking about it! As such a complex yet vital part of our health, understanding the power and influence of the gut on your body is incredibly important. So, we've brought in another expert...
Published 05/07/19
We often come across people who have everything yet suffer from depression, anxiety or adrenal fatigue; and those with nothing who are overflowing with happiness and fulfillment. In this week's podcast episode we get close with Frank Ferrante who shares his honest and hilarious story of how we overcome these battles.
Published 04/29/19
Food can either be the foundation of health or the foundation of disease, the choice is ours. Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with the host and co-founder of Food Revolution, Ocean Robbins. Click here to learn more about the 8th Annual Food Revolution Summit and to save your free seat. https://link.fmtv.com/foodrevolution
Published 04/23/19
An average woman uses twelve personal care products each day, exposing herself to 168 unique chemicals. These products don’t always remain on the skin’s surface. Many cosmetic ingredients penetrate the skin. That’s why this week we are diving deep into the truth behind the beauty industry with Kevin Gianni, co-founder of Annmarie Skincare.
Published 04/15/19
In episode 15 of the Food Matters Podcast, Melissa & Jasmine spill their secrets for better digestion and beauty. These women are all about eating wholesome food, ethically sourced, and love returning to their Filipino heritage for recipe inspiration. 
Published 04/08/19
Imagine how you’d feel if, by making simple changes, you could start to sleep through the night, waking up fresh and energized. Like you, there are many people around the globe tossing and turning their way through the night, and stumbling their way through the fog of the following day. This week's podcast episode dives deep into what helps us to sleep with Tom Cronin from The Stillness Project.
Published 04/02/19
Learn to liberate your life, strip off the fear, wash away the self-doubt and dress yourself in health, wealth and love in this exclusive interview with Melissa Ambrosini.
Published 03/25/19